Our mission: To bring the original Reformer experience to the world..

Welcome to Pilates City! We are happy you’re here.
At Pilates City we are passionate about true Reformer Pilates.

With a decade of experience as an international Pilates Master Instructor and Presenter, our founder has created The Ultimate Reformer Workout®. Every Pilates City Workout is carefully designed and perfectly balanced to suit every body, regardless of age, gender, training background or fitness level.
Try it and find out what the real Pilates experience is about.
Your body will feel wonderful and energized!

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WHY we are passionate about REFORMER PILATES

Because done right, Reformer Pilates is a training that benefits all body types. Training with the Pilates Reformer provides you with resistance to grow stronger, the springs help to stretch your muscles, re-align and loosen up your spine to alleviate back pain, as well as support you to move your whole body with control. You will work hard but feel energized after each session.


How we are different.

Experience the difference of the original Pilates workout at our Reformer Clubs: we don’t have loud music, wall covering mirrors or fast pace HIIT-exercises; At Pilates City it’s all about moving from the core with control, precision and focus.
We change bodies, workout by workout.
You’ll FEEL the difference and SEE the difference, we promise

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Benefits of the Pilates City Reformer workouts:

Improves posture

Releases Muscle Tension

Strengthens your core & more

Flattens the stomach

Restores Vitality

Re-aligns the spine

Stretches and lengthen all your muscles

Improves Balance and Control

End of the year closing: We are closed Monday December 25th until Wednesday January 3rd 2024